Featured Work of the Month

Star Wars Cards

This is a series of cards I painted for the game/book Star Wars Tapani Sector. Originals and prints available. Contact me for information.

Illustration Comic/Gaming

Illustrations created for comic book covers, role playing games, trading cards and concept paintings.


Illustration Editorial

Illustrations created for magazines, newspapers, advertising campaigns and corporate reports.


Graphics Branding

Logos, designs and graphics that are perfect for t-shirts and other products, from cool logos to inspirational quotes.


PhotoGraphics Urban Series

Photos of urban environments such as skylines, Chicago's lakefront and city scenes.


PhotoGraphics Rural Series

Photos of rural environments such as farms, lakes and rivers and lonely country roads.


PhotoGraphics Vehicle Series

Photos of old vintage vehicles, some broken down and rusty, some meticulously maintained.


Homewood Flossmoor

Products and images from my hometown Homewood Illinois.


Cruel Unusual Sketchbook

Purchase the Greg Loudon Sketchbook published by SQP.


New/Works in Progress

A glimpse into what's currently in the works.


Illustrations/Past Jobs

Here are a variety of projects that I worked on throughout my career. The first section is Marker Comps, drawings I did at the various ad agencies I worked for. When an art director had an idea they would describe it to me and I would pencil it out and after getting approval, I would do a tighter rendering in color to present to the client. The second section are logos I created for both clients and myself. The third section are primary sketches I did for illustrations. Most of these have yet to be painted.

Marker Comps Rederings


Logos and Branding


Sketches & Drawings


48 Hour Film Project

In 2012 a group of people I worked with decided to make a film for the 48 hour film project. The idea is that you have 48 hours to make a complete short film. You're given a preselected genre and concept and you must deliver a completely finished film at the end of the time period. I met with the team on a Friday night as soon as the genres and concepts were announced. We immediately got to work brainstorming. I'm proud to say my story was chosen. Due to my schedule I could not hang around for the weekend to make the film but the team did a great job. It won "Best Of" among other awards in Chicago and went on to compete with the rest of the US. We didn't win but it's still a fun little film. This is the result. Enjoy.

Love, Marriage and Mayhem Podcast

This is a project my wife and I created in 2022. After working together on our paint and sip businesses for several years we decided we'd like to do something new. So we created a podcast about love, marriage and all the crazy stuff that goes along with it. It's been fun and very enlightening. I hope you enjoy it.


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