G Greg Loudon

24 Years Later, married with 3 Kids

Jan 26, 2023

I have a wonderful memory of visiting a friend of my father when I was in high school that worked at J. Walter Thompson, one of the largest agencies in the country back then. I was so blown away by everything I saw at that place. It was downtown Chicago, on a high floor of the Hancock Building looking over the city, in a beautiful studio space with markers and drawings everywhere. It was magical to a young aspiring artist.

This photo is from 2011. I love this photo. It was really special being able to have my kids visit my version of that magical place. One of the great things about this agency was their food court/kitchen. They had so many free snacks, all kinds. When the kids came down we'd walk down there and I'd grab some snacks for each of the kids. They just couldn't believe that my workplace had free candy and snacks. Total magic. 

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