Welcome to GregLoudonArts. This is your quick guide. Inside you'll find art to purchase featuring comic book and gaming illustrations, editorial illustrations, graphic design work including logos, humorous thoughts, political musings, the blackhawks and a dedication to my favorite drink tequila . There is a section dedicated to my Photographics, urban and rural photography and some nice shots of beautiful vintage automobiles. There are also a few sections dedicated to Homewood Illinois, my current hometown Homewood Pride, Eat Homewood, Homewood Photographics, Homewood Athlete and finally a section for our good neighbors in Flossmoor.

There are also works not for sale, including sketchwork I've done for completed jobs and some from work yet to be finished. You can also find marker comps that I did during my advertising years. You'll also find a link for the podcast my wife and I do called Love, Marriage and Mayhem and my Blog that goes into a little more depth of who I am and how I got here. And finally there's a section that explores my interests in film and screenwriting.

Most of the original art on this site is available for purchase. Please contact me for details.